Morigaon is a peaceful destination in Assam and it is surrounded by attractive tourist spots. this must visit destination in Assam lies on the Northern bank of river Brahmaputra and offers visitors  a blend of tourist spots. Some of tourist destinations in Morigaon are: Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary, Sivakunda Waterfall ,Patekibori Than, Kachasila Hill, Deosal Shiva Temple, Sitajakhala and Asia's Largest Dry Fish Market.

POBITORA WILDLIFE SANCTUARY: The Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary is a majot tourist attraction of Morigaon. According to a belief, the forest was named after Pobitora, the daughter of the King  Mayong. In 1971, the forest was announced as a reserved forest, inhabited by the endangered one- horned rhinoceros. It was later declared as the Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary in 1987.

               A place enriched with various species of wildlife , Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary serves as a paradise for the nature lovers . Spread across the area of 38.8 sq km , this sanctuary is most renowed for its endeangered Indian one horned Rhinoceros. Apart from that , the place also inhabits animals like Wild bear,  Asiativ Buffallo and civet cat etc. The sanctuary also boasts of being home to more than 2000 migratory birds including Hill Myna, Osprey < Kalij peasant and Indian pied horn bill etc. Safaris and elephant rides are quite enjoyable at the sanctuary. Also housing various species of reptiles , Pobitora is situated about 50 kms from Guwahati and is a must visit destination.

SHIVAKUNDA WATERFALL: In the Amsoi Hills of the Morigaon District of Assam , an enthrilling Waterfall is located , called the Shivakunda Waterfall . Surrounded by forest, mainly of Assam Teak and sal, the waterfall is well knowen for its amazing scenic beauty. Obstructed by the rocks of the Hill, the milkywhite water gushes down to a small and serene pool of water. There is also a bridge on the fall, from where the anchanting route of the water can be observed. The place is also well known as a picnic spot, the people gather on the banks to make merry especially during the winter. There are a few places like the Circuit House in Morigaon and a few cottages to accomodate tourist visiting this place.

SITAJAKHALA: Another tourist place in Morigaon was discovered during the year 1949 to 1950 and is beleived to have been the abode to pregnant Sita who was left there by Lord Ram . It is beleived  that Valmiki had cut thne stones to form stairs so that Sita could reach the River Killing from the temple . Apart from this, is the Deosal Shiva Temple, which is an ancient temple dedicated to Lord Shiva . Here Shiv Ratri Mela is held annually with lots of colour and mirth.  

KACHASILA HILL: Another place tio see in Morigaon is Kachasila Hill, which house is an ancient beutifull temple, dating back to 9th century. there are also numerous statues of Lord Ganesh spread across the Temple. 

DRY FISH MARKET: The  Largest Dry Fish Market of Asia is situated at Jagirod and Morigaon District. One can find there the variety of fresh water and sea fish that were mainly brought to the place from states like Uttar Pradesh , West Bengal and Bihar. The fish from this market is then harder supplied to the states of Nagaland, Manipur, Mizoram, Meghalaya amd Arunachal Pradesh. Infact, the dry fish from the market are also exported to South-East Asian Countries Like Singapore, Malaysia etc.

JONBEEL MELA: Jonbeel Mela is a folk festival of Tiwa Lalung Community centered on ancient bartar system with its distinctive features. The festival has been observed since anicient time of Gobha Kingdom. it is held on the banks of Jonbeel (water area) which looks like a crescent moon. It is held for 3 days just a week after the Sankranti of Assamese Puh month generally from Thurseday to Satureday.



The nearest airport is in Guwahati which is about 94 km from Morigaon. For a quick and convenient transportation, one can travel by road.



If you are planning to travel by train, you have to get down at Jagirod Railway Station. it is about 22 km from Morigaon and is a part of Morigaon District.



Morigaon has no official bus stand which is why you have to avail bus transportation till Guwahati which is approximately 80 kms away. One can avail taxis from Guwahati.

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