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What information a public authority (office/legislature/court/NGO) should disclose voluntarily (pro active disclosure or suo moto) on its own (even without asking by any applicant) in then notice board/website/publications ?

Under Section 4(1 )(b) every public authority shall publish by 12lh October 2005 (within 121 days of the enactment) 17 categories of information in the form of an Information Handbook -

A model template of the information handbook is available at The RTI Act envisages that the public authorities publish and widely disseminate the proactive disclosure information in local language, besides at their website and notice board. For seeking the said information no application and no fees is required and should be available instantly. In other words one can not be asked to wait for 30 days or any other time limit for the said information. Inspection of the said information is free ; and for copies, a citizen is charged for the print or medium cost only, as prescribed. First Appellate Authority : e-mail:
State Public Information Officer: Smti Noor Hasina Begum, Sr. Manager, ATDC Ltd., M: +91 9706706726, e-mail: