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Introducing Assam

Introducing Assam

Situated amidst lush green valleys and majestic mountains, Assam is the land of breathtaking beauty and matchless grace. The sprawling tea gardens, exotic wildlife, verdant flora and fauna, swift and scenic flowing rivers, riverine islands, the majestic Brahmaputra, the exotic Bihu dance, vibrant culture, rich tribal traditions and generous people adds further charm to Assam’s gorgeous natural landscape. If you are a nature lover or travel enthusiast, the delightful state of Assam is THE place to be!

Tourism of Assam is predominately nature-based. From the famed Kaziranga to the opaque Manas, this tourist paradise allows you to get up, close and personal with the wild. Mention Assam and how can the world famous Indian one-horned rhinoceros not come to one’s mind? One can spot this rare species roaming about fearlessly not only at Kaziranga National Park. But also at Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary.

A treasure trove of stunning untouched natural beauty, Assam is one of the most vibrant States of the country.

Assam shares her border with Meghalaya, Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland, Manipur, Tripura, Mizoram and West Bengal. It also shares international border with Bhutan and Bangladesh.

Spread over an area of 78,438 sq km, the history of Assam can be traced back to the Middle Pleistocene period (781,000 to 126,000 years ago). Kamrupa (also known as Pragjyotishpura) is the earliest kingdom of Assam. The Ahoms, the dynasty established by Sukaphaa in 1228 is however the land’s most illustrious dynasty. The Ahoms uninterruptedly ruled the State for 600 years.

Home to various ethnic, religious and linguistic groups, Assam is known for its amazingly rich and composite culture. Bihu is the most festival of the State. Observed by 65 different Assamese tribes, Bihu is one of those cultural threads that bind the diverse people of Assam. Into a beautiful and unique fabric of identity.