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Assam and handloom industry are almost synonymous and it would be not wrong to say that every household in the villages of Assam possess a weaving machine. Popularly known as the ‘Manchester of East’, Saulkuchi, located 30 km away from Guwahati, is a silk weaving village. This textile center produces the best quality silk in Assam. Mugasilk, Erisilk, Patsilk and Endi cloth are unique to the region. Sador Mekhelaand Gamocha weaved out of this indigenous silk in Sualikuchi are in high demand all across the state. As you walk down the streets of Sualkuchi you will be elated by the rhythmic sound of this weaving machine or looms.

Sericulture flourished flight


Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport in Guwahati serves as the nearest airport to Sualkuchi. The airport is well connected to many major cities in India by regular flights. You can take a cab from outside the airport to the village for a comfortable ride.

Sericulture flourished Train


Railway station at Kamakhya serves as the nearest station to Sualkuchi lying at a distance of about 30 km. You can easily avail a taxi or a bus from Kamakhya to the village.

Sericulture flourished Bus


Sualkuchi is well connected to Guwahati (30 km) by a well-maintained road as well as the other cities of Assam. If you are travelling from outside the state, you have to first reach Guwahati by air, rail or road and then can take a bus or avail Trekker service from the city. Machkhowa bus stand and Paltan Bazaar bust stand are nearly 33 km and 38 km away from the village of Sualkuchi.

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