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For non-vegetarian food enthusiasts, Assam has a fantastic variety on offer. Fish dishes are most common in Assam, while Pork dishes are also popular in some parts. From roasted pork to pork with lai xaak (a Green leafy vegetable) pork delicacies prepared in Assam will also tickle your taste buds. You can also try other popular dishes of birds such as pigeon and duck are also prepared here. 

Paro Mangso (Pigeon meat): This dish is simply a delight for non vegetarian lovers. It tastes best when prepared with banana flower commonly called Koldil in Assam. Pigeon meat usually makes the body warm and is the perfect choice for winters.

Hahor Mangso (Duck meat): When cooked to perfection, duck curry can taste heavenly. This delicacy is cooked with Ash Gourd (Lauki) and served hot with steamed rice.

Masor Tenga (Sour fish curry): Masor tenga is definitely a not-to-be-missed item. Tasted best with steamed rice, this scrumptious delicacy of Assam is a sour and tangy fish curry prepared on a low flame.

Eri Polu (Silkworm): This is one dish you have to try before you raise your eyebrows; anyone from Assam will vouch for how yummy this dish tastes. Crunchy from outside and juicy from within, the dish consists of silkworms that are deep fried in oil.

Chicken with bamboo shoot: Chicken curry with bamboo shoot is the most loved and sought after dish of Assam. This unique dish is made with chicken meat, bamboo shoot and lentils. This is usually a masala free dish and tastes best when consumed in boiled form.

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