Moidams, Charaideo Moidams, Charaideo

Moidams, Charaideo

Pyramids of Assam

Connected to the heritage of the mound burial system of the Ahom dynasty, royal moidams are found exclusively at Charaideo, near Sibasagar, whereas other moidams are found scattered in the region between Jorhat and Dibrugarh towns. As per Ahom traditions, after the demise of the Kings, their bodies used to be kept in Moidams.

Archeologist believed that moidams were a double storied hemispherical building, with an arced entrance and a raised platform at the centre where the body was laid to rest. A small octagonal door sealed the entry to the moidam.

Pyramids of Assam flight


Sivasagar doesnt have own airport. The nearest airport is in Rowriah Airport at Jorhat which is near about 60 Km from sivsagar town and other one is in Mohanbari Airport at Dibrugarh which is near about 80 Km from sivsagar town. Booth the airports are well connected all the major cities of India. One can hire a cab from the airports in reasonable price.

Pyramids of Assam Train


Sivasagar is also well connected with Indian Railways Network. Sivasagar staion is situated in the middle of the town from where daily and wekkly tains connected to Guwahati, Delhi, Kolkota and other states of India.

Pyramids of Assam Bus


Sivasagar is well connected with all over Assam. From Sivasagar town Rang Ghar is about 7 km far. There are large numbers of public and government bus services abailable from Guwahati(State Capital) to sivasagar

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