Bihu Dance Bihu Dance

Bihu Dance

Folk dance

The joyous dance form Bihu is an indigenous folk dance form of the Indian state of Assam. Performed by both girls and boys, bihu dance is characterised by brisk dance steps and rapid movements of the hips, arms, and wrists along with twirls to the beats of dhol (a special drum). Dancers strike different poses for different beats. Other Instruments such aspepa, gogona, bahi, xutuli, toka, taal etc. provide musical accompaniment this beautiful dance form.

The prime attraction of bihu dance is the vibrant and colorful outfits. Girls are dressed in chadormekhela (usually made of muga silk) teemed with traditional ornaments like Gaam kharu, dhul biri, jun biri, golpata etc. A Kopou phool (Foxtail Orchid) worn around the hair bun adds beauty to the outfit. The Bihu look is incomplete without a red bindi. Boys too look enchanting in the traditional dhoti and gamocha. A piece of red cloth called tongali is worn across the waist and it covers the lower part of their bodies. The dance represents youthful passion, joy and seduction.

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